I almost create an alter ego for each shoot. Whatever the client wants I try to embody. Plus I would say years of dance classes definitely helps - I love creating interesting lines while maintaining a weird edginess. Also, if the music is right, I loosen up much easier.

Maya Harper

I’ve always had a hard time articulating my style. Some days I’m really draw to what I’d describe as grandma chic and some days I dress with a more LA girl city chic vibe. But I was talking with one of my friends about “style aesthetics” and she summed it up my style as “soft golden hour”.

Gabby Masuda

I am born and raised in Vancouver, WA. Grown up, I played sports and was a bit of a wild child. I guess you could say I grew out of that after I found out I was having a son. I started nursing school soon after giving birth and just graduated with my nursing degree. I hope to go into community/public health.

Paris Collins

My mindfulness practice has been a saving grace! I try to meditate for 10 minutes a few nights per week, other days I practice box breathing (in for 4 seconds, out for 4 seconds, 4 times) Since it's still pretty nice outside I go for walks around my neighborhood anytime I'm feeling a little antsy.

Candace Molatore

TEMET NOSCE... it means “know thyself” in Latin. I was a freshman or sophomore in high school when frank ocean tweeted it and I knew then - I would get it tattooed one day. It was my second one, I got it this last August. At a time where I felt like if I didn’t figure out who I was, I would be lost forever. Sounds dramatic, I know. But that’s just how I felt.

Natalia Leckey

Recently, we decided to use Tencel in our new clothing line. We did it because the voices on the internet told us that “Tencel is a sustainable fiber...” and we believed them. We received results from brands, bloggers, journalist, influencers and anyone in-between presenting facts and figures about the sustainability of the fiber. 

What is Tencel

I'm from Lost Angeles but I've been living in San Francisco for 13 years, and I'm currently working in retail, as a Product Manager focusing on using technology to create opportunities for sustainable decision making. I've loved fashion and style since I was young, and have always been a creative of sorts.

Shermineh Ghane

Dating back hundreds of years, Sashiko was developed in rural communities of Japan as a way to mend clothing. The Sashiko process started as a necessity. Many rural families lived in poverty and far from urban populations. Access to new fabric was limited. 

Sashiko Tutorial

The idea was kind of a long time coming. It all started back in college but I had grown up going to laundromats and when traveling and moving around. I have very vivid memories of laundromats. In college, we would always find the most comfortable laundromat or we would drive around town and try to find a space where we were like...

Morgan Gary

My full name is Giovanna Borges Barcellos, but everyone calls me Gia, I’m 22 and live in Salem, OR. I’m from Brazil, born and raised in São Paulo (with a population of 13.11 million people) so I’m a big city lover. In my spare time, I’m either working out/trying new vegetarian recipes (I love cooking) or going somewhere new.

Giovanna Borges

In November, 2019 we sponsored 4 episodes of Conscious Chatter by Kestrel Jenkins and wanted to share them with our audience. We started listening to Kestrel when she first started her podcast and have been addicted ever since. She has thought provoking conversations with so many influential people who care about others and the environment...

Conscious Chatter

This article is a little different than most reusable straw posts. We start with the assumption that you're already a conscious consumer and ready to take your research into reusable straws to the next level. More importantly, you want to know which option is best for the planet and the people making it. Take a load off, we already did the research for you!

Reusable Straws

The “artisan made goods” movement is starting to pick up some momentum! While most have heard of the term and want to support these artisans, very little information is known about the industry as a whole. We wanted to tackle this void head on and felt the best place to start was with an organization that helps handicraft artisans of all sizes.

Craftmark Interview

We recently did an Instagram post on Albert Kahn's archives and loved it so much, we wanted to give it a second life. The photo we posted is shown above. We originally found the photo while searching for images of Ahmedabad; where two of our textile factories are located.

Archives of the Planet 

Today, you made the first purchase to your sustainable wardrobe. You feel badass in your outfit and you made the right purchase for the environment. Rock on! After a few wears, you decide it’s time for wash. You throw it in the wash, pop in the detergent and walk away. What can go wrong?

Laundry Tips

I grew up in a rural mountain town in Washington. We’ve got a little 5 acre plot with horses and cows and lots of dogs. My dad is a woodworker and outfitted the property with all sorts of things, a sawmill, greenhouse, chicken coop...

Nancy Flecha