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30 employees - bengaluru, india

The collective was started by two friends with a passion for simplicity and designing textiles for the everyday women. Their commitment to sustainable and ethical design is by far one of the best in the industry! They embody everything good about the sustainable fashion movement and we could not be happier have them and their incredible team as part of our collective!


Eco Principles

Our fabric supplier in Bengaluru, India derives 85% of all their fabrics from sustainable resources and the other 15% come from high quality organic deadstock fabric! At Soluna Collective, chose to work with all organic materials such as organic cotton, linen, and eri (peace) silk.

All organic cotton is sourced from GOTS and Fair Trade certified units in Gujarat and all dyes are azo-free and contain no plastisol's (PVC). One of our jackets is block printed using natural dyes!

Besides the physical production of their garments, they have also brought sustainability measures to other aspects of their business.

  • All fabric rolls are delivered plastic free.
  • All fabric scraps are sent to a local NGO that helps empower women through job creation.
  • No artificial light is needed during daytime hours because the studio is well lit using natural light. No air conditioning is need as well. The studio is extremely well ventilated!
  • All packaging is currently derived from recycled materials. They are working with a new company to replace all packaging with "a new age material".

Ethically Made

We love their devotion to traditional craft! In many cases, they chose to work with hands over machines. It gave their clothes that personal touch we love so much here at Soluna Collective! Many of their garments are hand woven and a few incorporate hand block printing

All employees receive a living wage and have access to free training sessions where they can advance their career opportunities. They also pride themselves on giving precedence to the physical and mental health of their employees.

Their goal is to be inclusive, fair and responsible.

Certifications: GOTS + Fair Trade (Organic cotton mills)

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