We want to admit upfront, in the strict sense of the term, we do not have a zero waste production process. During the production of our garments, some percentage of the fabric is scrapped. We do not have a specific percentage as it varies per garment. Almost all the scraps come from the cutting process. However, since the very first pillow we cut in 2017 to our current clothing line, we have saved every scrap from every cutting room floor! Our goal is to reuse those scraps in as many unique ways as possible and keep them out of the landfill.

Scrap Projects:

  • Pillow Stuffing
  • Belts
  • Quilted Bags
  • Sell To Artist
  • Fabric Regeneration

Lastly, since saving/reusing everything is almost impossible, we created a way to correctly dispose of any scrap that didn’t get reused. That is why we created the Soluna Land project.

Soluna Land Project

The objective is simple - Buy a piece of non-agricultural land and run different ecological studies on the effects of natural fabric biodegradation on the natural environment. Our goal is to document everything and find ways of improving the process for the entire system! More to come later!

Remember, all the fabric used in the making of our garments is derived from 100% biodegradable materials!

The Future

We are endlessly working on a way to become a true zero waste production company and continuously working on minimizing our waste. As a small business, this has been difficult but as we grow, we plan to make it a major priority!