Closed Loop Production

Closed Loop Production | No Waste

The term “closed loop production” has many definitions but we define it as, creating no waste. We believe that a closed loop system is comprised of reusing, recycling, and composting all by-products created during the production process. This encompasses all inputs, at all stages of production; materials, construction, packaging, and end of life.

Natural dyes

We chose to work with natural dyes for a variety of reasons but one of the most important is by far its ability to be composted. The dye itself, and all of its by-products (i.e. plants and wastewater), can be thrown into a compost pile and used to fertilize future crops. Absolutely nothing goes to waste! One of our dyers even uses separate drums for each dye and never disposes of excess water in order to reduce water usage! Another dyer, forages for many of the natural dye ingredients in an effort to limit their environmental impact.

Organic cotton and wool

Simply put, wool and cotton can both be thrown into a compost bin. This might seem obvious but you have to remember - once wool or cotton has been dyed with a synthetic dye, it cannot be composted as the chemicals from the synthetic dye are harmful to the environment.

While synthetics cannot be composted, natural dyes can! Which means, compostable fabric, such as wool and cotton, dyed using environmentally safe natural dyes, are also compostable! Take that synthetic dyes!


All pillows are sewn in our hometown of Portland, OR! We do this to support our community and oversee the entire construction process. This also allows us to modify the look, feel, and dimensions whenever we would like, and best of all we can control the waste! While we believe in zero-waste construction, a handmade process makes it difficult to obtain this. During the cutting and serging stage of construction, a small amount of scraps are created. Instead of throwing away the scraps, we save them! At the moment, they are stored away safely, but stay tuned, we have a plan for them!


Unfortunately, packaging is a necessary component, but we have opted to limit our impact in as many ways possible. We use, 100% post consumer recycled corrugated boxes, 100% post consumer recycled labels ,and biodegradable plant-based tape that comes from renewable resources. Oh, and we don't use any fillings!

End of life

Many brands forget about the end life of their products. In France, companies are obligated to pay for the recycling or disposing of their products! We believe in the same. That is why we created a recycling program where we take back any of our products and even pay for shipping! Once received, we separate all materials into reuse, recycle, or compost. If the product needs to be re-dyed or re-sewn, we try to save it and give it new life! If the product cannot be saved we recycle it. If the product cannot be saved or recycled, we compost it!

Our mission

One of our missions, from the very beginning, has been to create no waste. We believe that fashion and design can be created in a way that limits its impact on the environment. While we are not perfect and, probably never will be, we have made it our mission to work hard everyday and contribute to a cleaner environment!