We are a collective of brands locaed in the PNW

  • Amsha

    We want to make the world a better place for our people and our planet, one handmade piece at a time. We use design and business as a tool to educate and employ underserved artisans in Africa by providing skills training and a market connection. Nearly all of our pieces are designed in our Portland, Oregon studio and delicately made by our artisans Africa.

  • Ami Ami Foods

    Ami [ah-mee] means 'friend' in French. Started by two friends, Ami Ami celebrates the beauty, joy and simplicity of making and sharing delicious meals at home.

  • Delas Botanicals

    Delas Botanicals is owned and operated by sisters living in Portland, Oregon. We wanted to start a company that dealt with dry hair, flaky skin and stinky butts. We were overwhelmed by products on the market with high price tags and scary ingredients, so we decided to get creative.

  • Holder Workshop

    It all began in the summer of 2017. I was wandering around the Pacific Northwest in a 1995 Chevy G20. My van was my home, and I needed some houseplants to make it feel like my home. I couldn’t find a plant pot to fit snug in my cup holder, so I bought a bag of clay and made my first pinch pot. I’ve been working with clay ever since.

  • Soluna Collective

    We define ourselves as a Collective or to be more specific, a Collective of artisans. For us, that means each artisan in our Collective is part of our brand. They are interwoven into who we are as a company and we make decisions with them at the forefront of our movement!

  • Modern Myth Decor

    Modern Myth is a brand with a story & a soul. All items sourced from the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco to give your home culture & an artisan touch. Each piece is ethically sourced directly from female-cooperatives and artisans to preserve the ancient lineage & craft. From their homes to yours, Modern Myth sources only the highest quality rugs, textiles, baskets & poufs to inspire the artist within you.

  • Either/Or

    The collection embodies an effortless vintage nostalgia and a desire to live simply. The timeless craft of shoemaking was something we wanted to revive and revere, turning to Mexico for their incredible leather finishing and skilled handwork.

  • Lynzee Lynx

    LyLy is the handiwork of artist and maker Lynzee Lynx. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, she weaves her passions for adornment, personal style, global art practices, humor, healing, nature wildness, intergenerational connection, community, nourishment, embodiment, simplicity and clarity into her work.

  • Baked Clay Studio

    When our state went into lockdown, I turned to art and creativity, a lifelong passion of mine. I found solace in creating, and I still do. I delved into clay and fell in love before even touching the medium. I was able to pull from my love of pop art, architecture and vintage, and pour that into my clay work. I spent hours/days/weeks, studying, testing, failing and eventually emerging with jewelry that I absolutely love. I don't create anything that I wouldn't wear myself.

  • Nancy Flecha

    I am interested in all kinds of projects revolving around fashion, design, travel & nature. If you are interested in collaborating with me, ordering a custom illustration, or have any other questions, please email at the address above.

  • Renee Staeck

    Drawing and painting have been the main loves of my life. Over the last decade, my paintings have shifted from larger scale oils to small scale gouache on paper. Watercolor, ink, coffee, and gold-leaf make regular appearances as well. My work is inspired by travels and dreams, combined with a love of design, eastern art, historical illustration, and the lush landscapes of Oregon.

  • Hew Woodworking

    Our work addresses the relationships we form with our constructed environment, the overlap of art, craft, and domestic life. We are aggressively committed to creating everyday objects that enhance our lives through meaningful interaction. As a result of thoughtful design and execution of craft, our work reveals a sense of intimacy...the story of a piece, how it feels to plop into a chair or run your hand along the bottom of a tabletop. Our practice does not negotiate the thinness of styles; rather we seek to mate timeless beauty with timeless utility.

  • Got My Claws Out

    Our mission statement is simple: look good, do good. The goal of our company has always been using nail polish to support movements we believe are making the world a better place: intersectional feminism, racial justice, immigration rights, climate change action, supporting the LGBTQ+ community, and animal compassion. These big ideas hold space for many issues we believe in fervently, such as stopping voter suppression and putting an end to gun violence.

  • Imaginary Authors

    Imaginary Authors offers wildly unique fragrances born from the concept of scent as art and art as provocation. Like a good book, these scents are meant to inspire you. In these bottles are layered narratives that are sure to generate stirring conversation, fragrances that might be capable of changing the course of your own personal story. They not only invigorate and intoxicate, but also take you to new places. Each Imaginary Authors fragrance follows a compelling storyline peppered with intriguing twists. These are scents to curl up with, to share with friends, to take with you wherever you go, and to return to again and again for a uniquely transcendent experience.

  • Letterpress PDX

    Letterpress PDX specializes in providing small businesses, artists, designers, and publishers with letterpress & design solutions that look like a million bucks but work for a much smaller budget. Since 2010 Letterpress PDX has been printing business cards, wedding invitations, bookplates, broadsides, postcards, gift certificates, hang-tags, stationery, book covers, coasters, & bookmarks by hand on the 4+ tons of equipment that lives in the studio.

  • Seek & Swoon

    For all of us, there’s something about a place that says “home.” That makes us think, “I belong here.” This place could be an ocean away or our own living room in an overstuffed chair. That’s where Seek & Swoon was created—between a bon voyage and a bungalow.

  • Windrose

    Small batch, bean-to-bar, dark chocolate. Crafted by the hands of water spirits that live by the edge of the sea. Newport, OR.

  • Tiro Tiro

    Informed by traditional craft practices and almost 20 years of jewelry-making experience, we design enduring, covetable pieces for everyday use and enjoyment. We believe in the power of beautiful objects to inspire, delight and bring joy to the beholder, and aim to make work that does just that. Tiro comes from the latin word for a beginner or novice.

  • Makelike

    Founded in 2000, makelike is a multi-disciplinary graphic design collective headed by artist/designers Mary Kysar and Topher Sinkinson. We are based out of Portland, Oregon and have a small studio in New Orleans, Louisiana. Our studio’s design mission is to create work that is unique, sophisticated and covetable—and almost definitely includes at least one pattern. We started our product line in 2009, with a focus on specialty wallpaper and textiles. Today, we also design, illustrate and produce custom patterns and wallpaper for interior design and architectural clients that have specific needs.

  • March Party Goods

    We are March, a creative and playful party goods company, obsessed with pattern and design. We think the details of everyday life—the wild constellations of objects that surround us—should be lively, beautiful, even inspiring.

  • Fei Goods

    bougie parfumée || handmade goods for the home || portland, or

  • Wildehaus

    Everything WILDEHAUS has to offer is made in our SE Portland, Oregon home. We strive to help you elevate your home, office, or community space by using our products to integrate plants into your environment. We offer Greening and Interior Design consultations and services. We love to collaborate and fill your space with beauty.

  • Amy A Ceramics

    My first experience with ceramics was in college and I immediately fell in love with the process. After that first class I proceeded to take a ceramics class every term until finishing school and in the many years since that time I have always taken a class here and there. In the last few years I have found my way back to working with clay on a consistent basis and have converted my garage into my own home studio in Portland, Oregon. Every piece is wheel thrown and handcrafted by me from start to finish. Making pottery that can be used and experienced is a craft I feel truly passionate about and my hope is that each piece will bring the user as much joy as I had in creating it!

  • Rarity

    In 2014, Gwyn began working with an artisan Moroccan leather brand. She found herself spending time in the famous, centuries old Souk of Marrakech, a vibrant marketplace. She watched the local artisans work and fell in love with the simple, time-tested techniques the artisans used to create everything from leather to skincare.

  • Taui Balms

    Taui Balms is what you might call a product-first company. Instead of focusing on fancy branding or celebrity endorsements, we just focus on making the best balms we can make.

  • Elana Gabrielle

    Elana Gabrielle is a multidisciplinary illustrator, maker, and designer of printed textile and paper goods. Her work is influenced by the wild and varied landscapes of the West Coast where she grew up, from misty mountains and foggy beaches to dusty desert valleys. Using cut paper collage, painting, screen printing, and textile design, she weaves the natural world into her creations.

  • T Project

    As a chef and gardener, I know what it takes to produce high quality botanicals. It doesn't require one season or even a couple of years to learn the trade of farming, it requires much of a lifetime, and so I pay the price that my farmers ask. I work strictly with growers and importers of the highest integrity in order to provide you with premium organic teas. Witnessing the thrashing of our planet and the decline of our country's manufacturing sector, I was determined to source tins and bags locally.

  • People In Practive

    As a modern home goods company built on sustainability, community and beauty we're on a mission to reimagine our relationship to daily living through accessible rituals grounded in simple virtues. We create considered objects that connect us to why we are really on this Earth - to live well together.

  • Miha Made

    As a modern home goods company built on sustainability, community and beauty we're on a mission to reimagine our relationship to daily living through accessible rituals grounded in simple virtues. We create considered objects that connect us to why we are really on this Earth - to live well together.

  • ADF Upholstery

    As a modern home goods company built on sustainability, community and beauty we're on a mission to reimagine our relationship to daily living through accessible rituals grounded in simple virtues. We create considered objects that connect us to why we are really on this Earth - to live well together.

  • Sunflower Studio

    Since she could hold a pair of scissors, Livia Lichtenstein-Hershman has always been driven to create. Making beautiful, useful goods inspired by pattern, color, plants, and community is a source of great joy and meaning. Creating handmade goods crafted with intention, her wares are designed with simplicity, practicality, and durability in mind.