What is fair trade?

The Fair Trade certification is a combination of social, environmental and economic standards. They work with closely with suppliers on the ground level to make sure that the people who produce the goods, "work in safe conditions, protect the environment, build sustainable livelihoods, and earn additional money to empower and uplift their communities."

Last year, the worked with 1.6 million farmers and workers throughout the entire world!

Rigorous standards: All businesses that work with Fair Trade are held to rigorous Fair Trade standards, which drive income sustainability, community and individual well-being, empowerment, and environmental stewardship.

Community Development Funds: It’s simple: For every Fair Trade Certified product sold, the business selling it pays an additional amount of money into a Community Development Fund, which goes directly back to community of origin. From there, the community decides together how to spend the funds to improve their lives and meet their unique social, economic, and environmental needs.

Transparent supply chains: By helping manufacturers and brands source Fair Trade Certified products and materials, we’re helping improve visibility and credibility for businesses and helping create shared value for everyone who cares about shopping ethically.

Conscious consumers: By putting our seal on goods made responsibly, fairly, and sustainably, we make it easier for people to choose products that align with their values.