Giving Back

As a company, we are dedicated to finding ways to support nonprofit organizations that are making a difference. We recently wrote an article reviewing a study done in collaboration between The Lancet and Pure Earth. Our article was titled “Pollution Kills 1 in 6 Globally”.

During our research, we got to know Pure Earth very well and decided that for the month of December, we will be donating 5% of our sales to them! We are big fans of Pure Earth and believe contributing to their mission, aligns with our personal beliefs, and our companies mission.  - Audrey Merwin + Michael Austin

Social Good Design

From our inception, we have always supported traditional artisans with a focus on eco design and ethically made fashion.

We support our artisans through economic activity and believe it’s one of the best ways to develop and sustain a healthy flow of income. We care about their success and the environment they live in. We also understand our limitations and that is why we wanted to support Pure Earth. Their mission is to, “identify and clean up the poorest communities throughout the developing world where high concentrations of toxins have devastating health effects.” They have completed more than 80 clean-up projects in 20 countries.

Ahmedabad | Dye Pollutants

A few of their clean-up projects were located near our suppliers in India. We wanted to highlight one that spoke to us personally.

Hazardous waste and sludge from the illegal dumping of wastewater and inadequate effluent treatment processes had been contaminating the soil, and local groundwater for decades in the village of Muthia in Ahmedabad. Roughly 60,000 tons of sludge had been dumped into the soil and the groundwater appeared a red/yellow. The waste has been contributed to the dye industry and chemical manufacturers which are both extremely prominent in Ahmedabad.

Pure Earth, with the help of the local government and nonprofit partnerships, excavated nearly 3,000 tons of soil from the site. The remaining soil was treated by vermiculture which, reduced the heavy metal contamination. The clean-up affected nearly 85,000 people and reduced the extremely toxic metal chromium by 90%.

Today the site is monitored by local groups and the project has been deemed a success. To learn more this project and other like it, visit Pure Earth’s project's page.

The difference | how to support

You can support Pure Earth and all our wonderful artisans this holiday season with a purchase of a single pillow. Social good and design can co-exist and with your help, we will amplify that statement!

Pure Earth