Handmade Scarves Collective

30 employees - all over, india

The handmade scarves collective is based in New Delhi, India. They work exclusively with talented weavers and dyers throughout India, in mostly small marginalized communities, to provide them access to the global market without having to travel to major cities. They focus on traditional handmade techniques in all their pieces. These include techniques like hand weaving, khadi (hand spun and hand woven), batik (wax writing) and Ajark (block printing).

The Issues

The collective won us over for their commitment to the environment and use of natural dyes. They only work with organic/sustainable fabrics such as, organic cotton, wool, silk and linen. At the moment, we only source their organic cotton. As for their natural dyes, they hold up to the same strict principles as all our natural dyes. They even go a step further by recycling all wastewater for re-use in future dye lots. As with all our natural dyes, the waste created during the dyeing process is 100% compostable!

Natural Dyed Yarn

The Artisans | Ethical Initiatives

The collective is made up of about 30 artisans. All artisans are provided a living wage and steady employment. Since all artisans in the collective work in rural areas throughout India, steady employment is crucial for each artisans long term financial outlook. One goal of the collective is not to expand until they can provide that same promise to another artisan.

Also, by working with mostly marginalized communities, it has allowed the artisans in the collective to stay in their own village/town. While many artisans in India have to move to major cities for employment and part with their families for most of the year, this collective has given them the ability to stay home and be with their families.

Lastly, we want to be clear, the collective does a ton of amazing things but also has areas for improvement. Our objective is to work with the collective, as we grow together, to improve other aspects of their employees benefits. Our initial plan is to focus on health benefits and community growth. As always, we plan to find ways to improve the artisans livelihood and the communities that support them by first, listening to the artisans themselves.

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