PDX Sustainable Market

PDX Sustainable Market

  • Date: 04/24/2020


    The market will be part of Portland Design Week and take place on the last Friday (4/24) at Union Pine (U/P) from 4-10pm. The market will consist of two parts - a sustainable fashion exhibit and vendor market. The space is located just off Grand Ave. and provides the ideal mix of low car traffic but huge visibility. The entire space is indoors and comes with a bar. We plan to have a food truck outside and street parking is easy to come by.

  • Part One

    Vendor Market

    The main goal of the event will showcase local sustainable fashion or sustainable goods brands. The goal of the market is to simply highlight YOU, the amazing local sustainable brands and companies. While the exhibit (mentioned below) is about empowering the attendee with information, the market is about displaying the people that have put those ideals into action! We would be honored to have you a part of this market!

  • Part Two


    The entire space will be displayed like a contemporary art exhibit. The goal is to showcase the six pillars of sustainable production - materials, process, people, post-purchase, certifications and end of life. We want it to be simple yet powerful. The purpose is to engage! The exhibit will be immersive, tactile, built around color and highlight minimal designs. We want to take the viewer on a journey by showing how their products are made and more importantly - how to shop sustainably!