While we want and expect our pieces to last, we also understand that life happens. Whether it’s a stain from a night out, a tear from chasing the family or anything in between - if you don’t want it, don’t worry, we do! We will take back any of our pieces and take the responsibility of keeping it alive, recycling or disposing of it!

If you want to send us a piece, please use the contact us form. Below are the steps we take to ensure that our garments stay out of the landfill and how each piece can find a new home!

Stage 1: Save it!

A few alterations, quick sew, good wash and some love can save quite a few pieces! Of the pieces that rock it and are viable for donation, we send them to Dress For Success. Dress For Success mission “is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.” Of the pieces that don’t work for DFS but can still be worn, we donate it to other local non-profits.

Stage 2: Take what we can

  • At times, only a panel or two of the garment needs to be removed. That panel is removed from the garment and sent to the next stage in the process. Of the remaining good panels, we will patch them together with other panels to make something new! Eventually, we will sell these on our website for anyone to buy!
  • At other times, it’s just a pesky stain that won’t go away. In these cases, we just overdye the garment with an eco-friendly or natural dye and again, sell them on our website!

Stage 3: Reuse

At this stage, we can no longer save the garment and it’s time to find some more creative solutions.

  • The first step it to cut the scraps out of the fabric by going around the problem areas. Again, saving everything.
  • We give away those scraps in bulk to any one that wants them for free! People can use them for artwork, pillow inserts, dolls and a boat load of other things. We are also planning on reusing all unclaimed scraps to make kitchen/bath/home items!

Stage 4: Regenerated Cellulose

For the scarps that don’t sell, we save them all! The plan is that if we accumulate enough scraps, we will use Lenzing’s Refibra technology to give them another life! Hopefully everything sells before this step but that is the plan!

Stage 5: Disposal/Incineration

This is never what you want to hear but unfortunately, it’s an inevitable part of the process. Nothing can ever be 100% perfect and 100% waste free. We understand that at some point our garments life cycle will come to an end. For ours, that means incineration. Incineration of usable fibers is terrible but incineration of unusable fiber provides energy to the grid. Most Life Cycle Assessment studies describe incineration as a positive step if all else fails.  Remember, this is the last step. 

Soluna Land Project

The objective is simple - Buy a piece of non-agricultural land and run different ecological studies on the effects of natural fabric biodegradation on the natural environment. Our goal is to document everything and find ways of improving the process for the entire system! We can do this will all of our undyed pieces. More to come later!