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Ucgul | Blankets

Our eco and ethical mission is to promote design that benefit the environment and the artisans making them. Our blankets are another part of that story.  

First, we were not involved with the creating or designing of the blankets. The lovely Jennifer Boyles from Finland, designed them and had them made in Turkey by a weaving coop called Ucgul.

We meet Jennifer as she was stepping away from the business and closing her shop. We were in love with her blankets and couldn't let them sit in a warehouse. Instead, we bought them with the hope of giving them a new life!


They towels/blankets are hand woven in Turkey using organic cotton and low-impact dyes. The entire process is GOTS certified which means, even though this is a synthetic dye, it has eliminated many toxic/carcinogenic chemicals from the dyeing process and all effluents are treated at a wastewater treatment plant. By being GOTS certified, it also means that all artisans were given a fair wage plus discretionary income, work in a safe environment, receive benefits and were treated ethically!

We should note, Ucgul is no longer GOTS certified. However, during the time of creating the blankets and when we purchased them in mid-2017, they had an active certification. We have no direct proof of the certification but at the time, we confirmed it with the GOTS database. We recently tried reaching out to Ucgul and it seems that they are no longer in business. 

Artisan Made 

The company Ucgul is named after the Turkish word for clover. They are a small, family run operation where the father is the main weaver and the rest of the family helps with dyeing, packaging and finishing of the garment. 

As you know, we are passionate about artisan made goods and supporting small businesses. We believe change is created on the fringe of society! 

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