About Soluna Collective

We believe in fashion. And while that sounds obvious, let us clarify... We believe that color doesn't just come in the form of shades. That minimalism is not represented by two parallel lines and more importantly, we believe fashion/design can be a form of communication that has no boundaries. We can tell our story and relive our adventures through the clothes we wear, and the items we surround ourselves with. They are an expression and an extension of our personality, character and beliefs. And that is why we created Soluna Collective.

We believe in eco and ethical fashion that respects the environment and the people living in it. While we use that quote a lot, that philosophy is deeply embedded into who we are as a company and as individuals. From the start of our design process, to a product landing on your doorstep and even to the end life cycle of our products - all of this is designed and created with the intention of respecting our surroundings. That means, minimizing our impact while collaborating with others to improve the process. It means, being aware of how our products are made while working with artisans and their communities, so that change can be sustained.

So when we create our pieces, we do so with an understanding that fashion is your form of communication and that you want people to hear you loud and clear... my fashion represents me!

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