Ethically Made

natural materials

our promise is to use as many natural materials as possible

Organic Cotton

When it comes to cotton, we only use 100% organic! All of our organic cotton is grown in India and most comes from GOTS certified mills.


Our wool is mostly a blend of himalayan and merino. The himalayan wool comes directly from farmers near our weaving collective in Dehradun, near the Himalayan Mountains. The merino is inported from Australia.

Peace Silk

Also known as eri silk, peace silk is a cruelty free silk that comes from India. The beauty of the process is that the silk worm does not need to be killed to obtain the fiber. The entire hatching process is done by hand.


Linen is made from the fibers of a flax plant. Is's theoretically long strings of flax. We use linen by itself but we also blend it with Tencel and Cupro to make an amazing look/feel!


Tencel and lyocell as the exact same thing. Tecncel is the trademark man by the Lenzing Group (manufacturer). Our Lyocell comes from Germany. Lyocell is a synthetic process where they take Eucalyptus trees and break it down into a fiber. The process is similar to viscose but the chemicals used to make it are 99.9% recycable.


Cupro is the exact same process as Lyocell with 99.9% of the chemical being recyclable but instead of being made of Eucalyptus trees, it's made of beech wood. It has a little more stretch compared to Lyocell.

Polyester Thread

We currently, use polyester and tencel thread for all of our clothes. We chose to use polyester because of the longevity it gives to our garments. We currently have Tencel for thread as well but only on our white garments and eco lines. We are working to find a supplier that dyes Tencel or find an alternative to polyester. We also take responsibility for our clothes and take them all back at the end of life!

Corozo Buttons

Our buttons are made from corozo, also known as tagua nut. Corozo is commonly referred to as vegetable ivory and comes from the seeds of a palm tree. The best part is that the palm treee does not need to be killed!

Metal Zipper

All of our Zippers are made of metal and come from YKK. They are 100% recyeable!