designed responsibly

"Design is an expression of the way we interact with the world. It's a force that drives our exploration and connects us to the environment and the people around us. To us, design has intrinsic value and is a form of communication that has no boundaries."


ethically made principles

All artisans that work with Soluna Collective are paid a fair wage, work in safe conditions, have the right to collective bargaining and are treated with respect. Our mission is to work closely with the artisans and suppliers to improve the livelihoods of the makers and the communities that support them. This includes community building, local environmental concerns, child care, access to education and much more!

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women led

Our objective is simple - support women! That means standing up for women's rights and supporting organizations/nonprofits that do the same. It also means highlighting amazing women, giving a voice to women and using our buying power to support women led businesses!

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better materials

When deciding which materials to use in our collections, we look at the following metrics: Water usage, energy consumption, ecological footprint, toxicity of chemicals, eutrophication, CO2 emissions and end-of-life. All of our data points come from reliable third party data. We try our best to not just show a number but to also explain how someone came to that conclusion.

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support BIPOC

We have been asking what’s next? How can we, as individuals and as a brand, contribute and fight for a better tomorrow? We will be the first to admit that we have not done enough thus far in support of BIPOC, but that stops now. Below is our action plan in support of BIPOC voices. We are determined to build on this as we grow and more importantly never stop. As a BIPOC led company, this topic is and will always be an important part of who we are.

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We are devoted to working with hands over machines at as many steps in the process as possible! Most of our garments contain at least one aspect of being made by hand, while others are considered 100% handmade. That means, the entire process from the growing of the cotton, spinning, dyeing, weaving of the fabric and sewing of our garments, have been completely done by hand! By doing this, we can provide more, and a wider range of jobs to all types of artisans.

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eco dyes

Color is multifaceted. It can alter your mood, make a statement and be authentic to who you are. It’s an extended representation of your style, personality and in many cases, what you stand for. A world full of color is a world we want to be a part of! At Soluna Collective, we are devoted to keeping color a part of our world but in an environmentally responsible way.

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