Ethically Made

women led

our objective is simple - support women!

  • We will stand up for women's’ rights by supporting nonprofits and organizations that help support women, fight for their rights and advance their interests!

  • We will use our platform to highlight issues that resonate with your values and we will show off amazing women doing awesome things!

  • We will support businesses led by women and use our buying power to purchase from women owned/led businesses!

  • We will consciously grow with a focus on all these values!

Current Initiatives:

  • We currently donate 1% of all our profits to Navdanya, a seed bank located in Dehradun, India. Navdanya was founded by Dr. Vandana Shiva and her nonprofit supports roughly 650,000 farmers throughout India by promoting/educating them on organic farming practices. Navdanya also has their own eco-feminism pledge!

  • Our top two fabric suppliers are women led businesses! Our fabric supplier in Tamil Nadu is headed by CEO Shree and CSO Carrie. Our supplier in Delhi was founded by and currently run by two women, Shivangini and Rekha.

  • We are developing a creative women series where we interview women about their creativity, talents and skills! Our goal is to interview designers, chefs, engineers, artists, or anyone that we find interesting!