women led

Our objective is simple - support women! For us, supporting women comes in a variety of ways:


  • Support businesses led by women and use our buying power to purchase from women led businesses!

  • A significant number of workers in the fashion world are women with males as their superior. By advocating for women's rights, equal pay and supporting progression into leadership roles, we can drastically increase the rights of women in the industry.

  • Stand up and support nonprofits and organizations that help support women, fight for their rights and advance their interests here and abroad.

  • Highlighting amazing women and amplify women's voices!

Two women with clothing patterns around them.

Current Initiatives:

Five P Venture - Our First Supplier

Five P Venture is run by CEO Shree, who is a powerhouse in her own right. Shree has a master’s in international business from the Grenoble Graduate School for Business (GGSB France) and holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from PSG College of Arts and Science. Five P Venture makes most of the handmade fabric coming from India. The fabric is woven at their facility in Tamil Nadu which is solar powered and Green Building certified.

Niko International - Largest Supplier of Knits

Niko International is run by the amazing Nina! She is one of our micro producers but makes a majority of our knits in Peru. In 2020, our first knit pants and bralette were made by the brilliant team at Niko International.

Harkend - More Knits in Peru

Harkend is run by the savvy duo of Kelly and Elle. Harkend focuses on our fine tune knits and has helped us on our journey back to hand knit alpaca! For our small FW 23 lines, they made the Cozy Sweater and Knit Bodysuit. For SS23, they made all our bodysuits, mock necks and long sleeve pieces.

The New Denim Project

Founded in 1956 by their grandfather, the mill is currently managed by Arianne and Joanna, who respectively serve as the creative director and head of business development. Their father, Jamie, leads the production department. The New Denim Project makes all of the fabric for our spectacular upcycled denim pants!

Labels from Niko - Self-Employed

For all of our garments made by Niko International, the hardworking Elizabeth prints off and cuts all our labels at her place in Lima.


We also donate on a yearly basis to Planned Parenthood, UltraViolet, Women for Women International and Centro Legal.

Past Initiatives:

Donated 1% of our sales (not profits) to READ. READ has a few different initiatives. One is to educate/train rural women in India for different jobs in the apparel industry (sewing, pattern making, cutting, etc.). This initiative also supports career advancement.

Donated 1% of all our sales to Navdanya. Navdanya is a seed bank located in Dehradun, India. It was founded by Dr. Vandana Shiva and her nonprofit supports roughly 650,000 farmers throughout India by promoting and educating organic farming practices. Navdanya also has their own eco-feminism pledge!