Niko International - Knitwear

30 employees - Lima, Peru

We were introduced to Niko International in late 2019 while looking for cotton knitters in Peru.


All of our garments at Niko are produced on a knitting machine. The process takes an incredible amount of skill. By using a machine it allows us to create more complicated patterns while also providing a higher level of quality assurance.

Eco + Ethical Principles

Niko was founded in 2007 with the focus on producing “ethically made out of eco-friendly natural fibers by artisans from all over the country.” Most of their knitters are located in the cities of Huancavelica, Ayacucho, Puno, and various metropolitan districts in Lima. While many artisans have been forced to move to Lima to find work, Niko wanted to provide the ability for workers to stay in their own cities while still earning a fair wage. Niko is Fair Trade certified and will become a Guaranteed Member of the WFTO!

Nina, the Founder of Niko has also implemented a few social actions such as “financial aid that artisans receive in personal loans, whenever they need it, and an ophthalmological campaign, including the delivery of glasses”.

Niko does not grow, harvest or dye fiber, they are strictly a knitting company.

Women Led

At with many of our suppliers, Niko International is run by a self identified women. Nina, is the CEO and Founded of Niko International.