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BY ANDREA MARIA VAZQUEZ FERNANDEZ Puerto Rican Art Director & Interior Designer Kristen Rosario sits down with Soluna in this Fall feature to chat about her practice, process & inspirations...
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Nancy Flecha Paintings For Blog Post

Nancy Flecha

Give us a little background about you. Where did you grow up and what do you enjoy doing in your spare time? I grew up in a rural mountain town in Washington. We’ve got a little 5 acre plot with ho...
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Maya Harper Main Photo For Blog Post

Maya Harper

That’s so hard....I’m currently listening to a lot of Tyler, The Creator. Loving Gone, Gone/Thank You on his album IGOR. As far as lyrics, I caption most photos with a favorite random lyric. Yep I’...
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Gabby Masuda Photo For Blog Post

Gabby Masuda

I’ve always had a hard time articulating my style. Some days I’m really draw to what I’d describe as grandma chic and some days I dress with a more LA girl city chic vibe...
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Candace Molatore Photo For Blog Post

Candace Molatore

I am so in love with the beauty of Oregon! I've been just about everywhere in the state from desert to ocean climate and I am definitely inspired by both...
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Paris Collins Photo For Blog Post

Paris Collins

I am born and raised in Vancouver, WA. Grown up, I played sports and was a bit of a wild child. I guess you could say I grew out of that after I found out I was having a son...
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Natalia Interview Photo For Blog Post

Natalia Interview

I was born in Florida but raised in Oregon most of my life. I’m a model part time and do hair part time. When I’m alone, I love going for long drives and listening to my favorite songs on repeat...
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Our Basic Tencel Dress For Our Tencel Blog Post

What is Tencel | The Ultimate Guide

Recently, we decided to use Tencel in our new clothing line. We did it because the voices on the internet told us that “Tencel is a sustainable fiber...” and we believed them. We received results f...
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