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Give us a quick background about you! I am born and raised in Vancouver, WA. Grown up, I played sports and was a bit of a wild child. I guess you could say I grew out of that after I found out I was having a son. I started nursing school soon after giving birth and just graduated with my nursing degree. I hope to go into community/public health:)

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House plants seem to be a big part of your life during quarantine. Give us a list of your current plant residents and what future plant purchase you are most looking forward to. Oh man 2020 has definitely gave me a plant addiction. I used to totally be a plant murderer but recently I became in tune with nature - I guess you could say. I have lots of outdoor plants, I love how Petunias can kind of grow quickly and take over ground. My favorite outdoor plant is definitely my canna lily as it's so tropical looking, makes me fantasize that I am really living in a tropical paradise (I have to manifest that shit right?). My favorite indoor plants have to be my monstera and my stromanthe tristar. It’s so fulfilling to see new leafs unfurling! I hope to get more monsteras - I love to see them trailing walls.

During the shoot, we had an amazing conversation about your family history and the links to land in Texas. Would you be willing to share that story with our community? My grandmother comes from a family of 9 full siblings, and 3 half sisters. Her father, my great grandfather was a slave in Domino, Texas in the early 1900s. We are the Warren family, so there is us, then there are the white Warrens that we’re our slave owners. My grandmothers father and mother moved out of Texas when my grandma was 19, she is now 89. Within the past few years my family has realized that the slave owners gave us some land in Texas to do what we will with it. I think it is funny when people say slavery was so long ago but in reality for some it was just a generation away.

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One of my favorite conversations with you was around your tattoos and the meaning of them. Could you talk to us about one or two of them? When I was a teen, I did not imagine having as many tattoos as I do now but I think they fit my aura. I have a butterfly on my forearm with the word “Loyalitat” near the wing. I chose a butterfly because they symbolize change and hope. I pride myself in continuously changing and evolving, sometimes for the better maybe sometimes for the worse but I always find a way to align the two. Loyalitat means loyal in German. I always pride myself on being loyal to my loved ones and cherishing them as the wonderful beings they are. My grandmother on my mothers side was full German. She tried to teach me some German words but they never truly stuck with me. This tattoo is a good reminder of her.

Who inspires you and/or where do you draw inspiration from? This may sound corny, but I gain my inspiration from my son Enzo. It is quite amazing how young minds think and see the world. He not only inspires me but motivates me to be a better me and be a better woman for us.

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