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  • Five P Venture | Fabric/Sewing

    Five P Venture was born with the purpose of sustaining the textile heritage of its village and others around it. All of our organic cotton, linen and tencel are hand woven at Five P. They also do all the sewing of our garments! Oh, and they are women led!

  • Niko International | Peru

    All of our garments at Niko are sewn on a machine however, that machine is still run by the master knitter and takes an incredible amount of skill. The machine allows us to create more complicated patterns while also providing a higher level of quality assurance.

  • Salem Textile Mill

    Salem Textile Mill | Organic Cotton

    STM and NCG supply all of our organic cotton and are GOTS certified. GOTS provides us the extra security in terms of ethically made as the standard adheres to our own personal standard.

  • La Colonial | Peru

    we chose to use La Colonial because they are very well respected in the industry and hold a ton of certifications! While we can't track exactly where the cotton comes from, we can feel confident that three certifications have approved their level of quality control...

  • YKK | Zipper Supplier

    All of our zipper are made by YKK in India. YKK is a global leader when it comes to zipper production and they are also a leader in terms of eco and ethical responsibility.

  • James Tailoring | United Kingdom

    It took us about a year to find an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional elastic and the people at James Tailoring are the geniuses that found the solution. The “elastic” or as we like to call it, eoc-elastic, contains a blend of natural latex and organic cotton.

  • Corozo Buttons | Panama

    Corozo Buttons is simply a corozo button manufacturer based in Panama city that receives blank corozo buttons from Ecuador and turns them into finished pieces. The special part about Corozo Buttons is that their family history is tied back to 1895 and the...

  • Ero Dyeing | India

    Ero Dyeing is based in Erode, India, only a few miles away from our weaving and sewing production. They dyed all our fabric for our Textures21 line.

  • Green Design Link | Peru

    Coming Soon!

  • Lenzing

    Lenzing | Austria + Czech Republic

    Tencel is an amazing fiber but what separates Lenzing from the rest, are the sustainability initiatives they have put in place at their facilities. They not only make the company more green but also benefit Tencel’s overall Life Cycle Assessment.

  • Eucalyptus Plantation

    Eucalyptus Plantation | South Africa

    Lenzing is a world leader in sustainability and especially when it comes to regenerated fibers. Lenzing buys some of the raw materials for Tencel at eucalyptus plantations in South Africa that are certified by FSC and audited by the Rainforest Alliance.

  • Shivasakthi Fashions | Erode, India

    Shivasakthi Fashions is based in Erode, India, only a few miles away from our weaving and sewing production. At the moment, they dye all of our textiles coming from India.

  • Eco Enclose | Packaging

    Eco Enclose is by far one of the most innovative packaging companies in the world! We have purchased four types of packaging from Eco Enclose.

  • Eco Bags | Mesh Bags

    For all of our orders, we pack your piece in a mesh organic cotton produce bag made by Eco Bags who is based in Ossining, New York. Similar to all of our suppliers, Eco Bags meets all the standards that we set out to achieve!

  • Mia Peru

    MIA Peru | Knitwear

    The company started with the purpose of helping widows, single mothers or any mother in need - “who poses incredible weaving techniques but not being able express it due to their basic living conditions”. Most artisans at the company are mothers!