MIA Peru - Wool Knitwear

30 employees - lima, peru

MIA Peru is based in Lima, Peru but women who knit span throughout Peru in small towns and villages. MIA stands for Mothers In Action.

The company started with the purpose of helping widows, single mothers or any mother in need “who poses incredible weaving techniques but not being able express it due to their basic living conditions”. Most of the people employed at the company are mothers!

We proudly use 100% alpaca wool in all of our knitwear! All the wool comes from small farmers in Peru and the alpacas live on free open eco farms. MIA Peru does not grow the sheep themselves but purchases the wool in kilos from farmers/shepherds. The wool is then spun, dyed using low impact dyes and shipped to the knitting communities for garment production. This all happens in Peru!

The alpacas are raised in the Andes mountains in Peru. No forests are cut down for pasture and all alpacas are naturally grass feed. This process dramatically cuts down on the amount of CO2 emitted during grazing of the alpacas. The alpaca are only sheared in the summer and absolutely no alpaca are killed or injured at any stage in the process. These alpaca are the life source for many Peruvian farmers/shepherds.

Side Note: All wastewater from the dyeing process is treated at a wastewater treatment plant that is managed by the Peruvian government.

MIA Peru is Fair Trade certified!

All employed by MIA Peru are classified as homeworkers. This provides the mothers (majority of the employees) the ability to tend to family matters while also earning a living. While this gives mothers extreme flexibility, it can also make it difficult to monitor other ethical principles. As MIA Peru is Fair Trade certified, monitoring that status can be difficult. Our goal is to work with MIA Peru to increase transparency and open a line of connection between the mothers, management and us. By providing this open connection we hope to provide even more benefits to the mothers, families and communities!

Each garment produced by us will have the name of the mother who made your sweater!

MIA Peru is also devoted to the 3 R’s - reducing, reusing and recycling at all stages in the production process. Management works with the home working mothers to provide training on how to minimize waste and adhere to the 3 R’s.