Tencel Lenzing

6500 employees - Austria + Czech Republic

Tencel supplier

To say we have a crush with Lenzing would underestimate our affection for the company. They’re without a doubt, the most sustainable regenerated cellulose fiber company in the world and a leading international figure for the entire sustainable textile market!

For our first solo clothing line, we wanted to make a huge sustainability splash and decided to work with Lenzing’s Tencel. We were so interested in Tencel's sustainability properties, we decided to make a comprehensive guide about Tencel that explores everything you need to know about the fiber and its sister rayon fibers. Below are just some of the cliff notes.

  • Tencel is derived from mostly eucalyptus and beech trees which are 100% sustainable and grown in FSC certified forests.
  • The end fiber is 100% biodegradable/compostable.
  • The chemicals used in the making of Tencel are 99% recyclable and the remaining 1% easily degrades in the wastewater treatment process.
  • Tencel has a better water footprint compared to both polyester and cotton.


Tencel is an amazing fiber but what separates Lenzing from the rest, are the sustainability initiatives implemented at their facilities. They not only make the company more green but benefit Tencel’s overall Life Cycle Assessment.

  • Nearly 100% of the energy needed to power their Czech Republic and Austria factories come from renewable energy.
  • They only buy from FSC certified forests and many of the forests are located in the same regions as their factories.
  • Lenzing’s Tencel production creates an energy surplus. They sell the surplus back to the grid.
  • Lenzing has created a new kind of Tencel technology that uses cellulose fabric scraps from cutting room floors - Refibra.