Eucalyptus Trees


Tencel cellulose source

We want to note upfront, we do not know the exact Eucalyptus farm which the pulp for our Tencel originated. That information is confidentially held by Lenzing, the supplier of our Tencel. We wanted to include this because we believe in being as transparent as possible and eucalyptus trees are a major part of the Tencel production.

What we do know:

  • The eucalyptus trees come from a farm in South Africa.
  • They are certified by FSC and audits are performed by the Rainforest Alliance.
  • Wood pulp is done by the Kraft method and bleached using elemental chlorine-free chemicals.
  • Pulp production is done on site.
  • The finished pulp is either transported to Lenzing’s Austria or Czech Republic plant for Tencel production. It’s transported by ocean/sea, rail and truck.

Lenzing is a world leader in sustainability, especially when it comes to regenerated fibers. To learn more about the Tencel making process and Eucalyptus trees, please visit our blog post!