Corozo Buttons

Panama + Ecuador

Corozo Buttons is simply a corozo button manufacturer based in Panama City that receives blank corozo buttons from Ecuador and turns them into finished pieces. Corozo Buttons is a family run organization with family ties to the corozo industry that dates back to 1895.

Currently (March 2021), Corozo Buttons has 21 employees at their Panama facility and that facility meets our ethically made standards. Corozo Buttons is also in the process of obtaining a WRAP and Oeko-Tex certification. While they are not currently ISO 9001, they were in the past and continue those practices.

As for traceability of the tagua in Ecuador, we do have a rough idea. (Tagua is the name of the nut that gets transformed to make the corozo button). In Ecuador, only a handful of companies supply corozo blanks to international markets. What we know is that blanks were bought from an exporter in the city of Manta. What we don't know is the final step of tracing the tagua back to the specific forest. This process is a little unclear.

The corozo buttons used in our Spring 21 collection are undyed and heat treated to obtain the burnt effect.