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Natalia Interview

Give us a quick background about you! I was born in Florida but raised in Oregon most of my life. I’m a model part time and do hair part time. When I’m alone, I love going for long drives and listening to my favorite songs on repeat or some days I just want to journal and read for a few hours. Both of my jobs require me to give a lot.

Natalia as a model. Wearing our black cargo shirt in one photo and fern green shirt in the other. Three photos of Natalia. Left to right. Wearing our full natural waffle outfit. Wearing our Spruce waffle jacket. Wearing our chore jacket with fern green pants.

Who inspires you and why? I look and find inspiration everywhere, whether its people places or things. But more than anything, I find it within my family. They remind me to be unapologetically myself and remind me who I am and how I want to show up in this life.

As you know, we are incredibly impressed by your skillset as a model and your depth work. So, what about modeling evokes your creative side and what do you get from modeling? Modeling is honestly something I kind of fell into and then everything else started to fall into place. Some days, it’s just a job and those days are good. But the days that are great are when I get to work with really beautiful souls and not just some pretty faces. I get to really connect with people past the surface - those are the moments I live for. Even with social media, it can be used for nonsense or something real. I happily use it for both (lol) but when I post a photo and it grabs someone's attention, they’re more likely to read what I have to say and then maybe respond. I enjoy giving people something to connect to, to relate to. Modeling is a tool for me to connect with more people and for that, I am thankful.

Natalia Quote Love and Support Two photos of Natalia. One wearing our chore jacket and natural cargo pants. The other wearing our Lilac top and natural waffle pants.

What does your tattoo say and what does it mean to you? TEMET NOSCE... it means “know thyself” in Latin. I was a freshman or sophomore in high school when frank ocean tweeted it and I knew then - I would get it tattooed one day. It was my second one, I got it this last August. At a time where I felt like if I didn’t figure out who I was, I would be lost forever. Sounds dramatic, I know. But that’s just how I felt. I’ve always been seen as someone sure of myself and I couldn’t have felt further from that. But with a little time, love and support from family, friends and myself - I feel more like myself than ever. I know who I am.. with that, I know I am forever evolving.

What is your favorite weekend drink and why? I don’t really drink-drink (lol) but I love coffee and usually drink too many americanos during the week so I like to take it down a notch and drink a dirty chai on the weekends. Ooh, depending on where I go a honey cardamom latte is also a favorite.

Another pose of Natalia in the chair. This time a quote about modeling as a tool.

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