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Maya Harper

What is your favorite song and/or lyric from a song? That’s so hard....I’m currently listening to a lot of Tyler, The Creator. Loving Gone, Gone/Thank You on his album IGOR. As far as lyrics, I caption most photos with a favorite random lyric. Yep I’m that person.

Maya sitting on the ground wearing Soluna's natural waffle top and natural waffle pants. The fabric is very textured. The second photo shows a view of the pants only. Maya wearing Black cargo pants and our black scoop shirt. She is leaning against a box and sitting on the ground.

We're so impressed by how dynamic your moves are! How do you harness that kind of creative energy during photoshoots? I almost create an alter ego for each shoot. Whatever the client wants I try to embody. Plus I would say years of dance classes definitely helps - I love creating interesting lines while maintaining a weird edginess. Also, if the music is right, I loosen up much easier.

What's your favorite meal? And drink to go with it! Favorite meal lately has been literally anything with shrimp it. Lots of stir fry’s and and creamy pasta dishes. And if I’m not having wine with it, I really enjoy a mango, berries and ginger smoothie.

Maya sitting on a stool wearing Soluna's spruce waffle wrap jacket and spruce waffle pants. The fabric is very textured.

Tell us something about yourself that not many would know just from looking at your IG feed. Something about me.....I love to dance! Also I have maybe the driest humor like ever and I’m painfully sarcastic. I enjoy making people smile around me and make an effort to not take life so seriously.

Who inspires you and/or where do you draw inspiration from? My mother inspires me the most. I never met anyone with a bigger or kinder heart. She doesn’t take life seriously and has the most open mind and soul. I feel lucky to have her as my Mom. She’s the person that everyone just adores. - Honestly I find all black woman so inspirational. The courage it takes to be black, independent and strong is beyond anything most others can imagine.

Maya standing with her hand on her head wearing Soluna's natural waffle top and natural waffle pants. The fabric is very textured.

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