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Sashiko Tutorial | Process Over Result Photo

Sashiko Tutorial | Process Over Result

Dating back hundreds of years, Sashiko was developed in rural communities of Japan as a way to mend clothing. The Sashiko process started as a necessity. Many rural families lived in poverty...
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Spin Laundry Lounge Interview | Morgan Gary Photo

Spin Laundry Lounge Interview | Morgan Gary

The most pivotal moment in any textiles environmental life cycle bears down to what you do at washer and dryer. You will either make or break your environmental footprint with just a few twists and...
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Giovanna Borges Barcellos Photo For Blog Post

Giovanna Borges Barcellos

My full name is Giovanna Borges Barcellos, but everyone calls me Gia, I’m 22 and live in Salem, OR. I’m from Brazil, born and raised in São Paulo (with a population of 13.11 million people) so I’m ...
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Conscious Chatter Photo

Conscious Chatter

In November we sponspored 4 episodes of Conscious Chatter by Kestrel Jenkins and wanted to share them with our audience. We started listening to Kestrel when she first started her podcast and have ...
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Reusable Straws | Eco Tips Photo

Reusable Straws | Eco Tips

This article is a little different than most reusable straw posts. We start with the assumption that you're already a conscious consumer and ready to take your research into reusable straws...
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Our Laundries Carbon Footprint Photo

Our Laundries Carbon Footprint

Today, you made the first purchase to your sustainable wardrobe. You feel badass in your outfit and you made the right purchase for the environment...
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