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Shermineh Ghane | Style, Color, Travel

Give us a quick background about you! I'm from Lost Angeles but I've been living in San Francisco for 13 years, and I'm currently working in retail, as a Product Manager focusing on using technology to create opportunities for sustainable decision making. I've loved fashion and style since I was young, and have always been a creative of sorts. After college I had started a personal style blog that I used as a resume to get my first job working in Fashion. From there I spent a lot of time as a Merchant, and have been lucky enough to be part of a team launching a bunch of new businesses, most recently launching Plus Sizes. Inclusivity is something that's really important to me, as is sustainability, so being able to talk about that both personally and professionally is really amazing. I love to travel, and prefer traveling by car, because pit stops are the best! I also love to connect with people, so feel free to reach out to me on IG @sherminehghane.

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Your use of color and layers is absolutely amazing. How do you build your outfits? Where do you start, how do you add to it and how do you finish it? Thank you! My color palette has definitely evolved over time, as has my style. The thing that inspires me the most is the colors and textures I saw when I was on a road trip through the South West a few years ago. The red mesas, textures of the sand, rock, and overall way that colors were naturally integrated and layered throughout is definitely something I find myself emulating in how I dress. I try to stick to neutral and warm color palettes, and I prefer to wear natural fibers. Something else I take into consideration is the fickle weather in San Francisco. I've lived here for 13 years, and out of necessity I've become a pro at layering. Usually when I put together an outfit I either start with the shoe or outer layer option, as those are more important to keep me warm functionally, and I build off of that. I don't have too many clothes, so it's generally a combination of a wide leg pant or jeans, with a top tucked in, and a variety of layers to keep me warm!

Give us some of your favorite color palettes. Some of my favorite color palettes all revolve around the desert! Think Desert Sunsets, Sand Dunes, the Red Mesas of Utah... and I make sure to balance it all out with a good foundation of true neutrals like Beige, Grey etc.

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Give use your favorite style tips and/or “mistakes to avoid”? My favorite style tips are 1) Fit is most important! Make sure it fits and you feel GOOD. 2) Don't be afraid to explore and experiment. 3) Don't feel pressured to follow the trends, wear what you feel best represents who you are. I don't have any 'mistakes' or 'avoids' when it comes to personal style. I think style is all about self expression and exploration, and anything you try may or may not work, but will teach you about where to go next. Outside of style tips, I would say to try your best to avoid fast fashion brands as they are harmful to the environment and to the communities they operate in, and try to avoid synthetic fibers because they have such a large carbon footprint and last forever. Ethical and Sustainable brands are pricier, I'm hoping that there's movement that can change that, but in the meantime, the second hand market is a great place to explore style in a sustainable way.

Who/where do you draw inspiration from? A lot of my inspiration comes from places I've visited. I'm also inspired by my Mom, she has amazing style. Art is also inspiring to me. You can learn so much about colors, shapes, and architecture you're attracted to with a quick walk around a museum.

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