We believe in staples…

Timeless pieces of clothing that span the test of time.

We believe in quality…

The pieces we make are designed to last. We want our clothing to be an integral part of your wardrobe for years to come. And, if your wardrobe outgrows our clothing, we want you to pass it down to someone who will enjoy it for years to come.

We believe in improvement…

We promise to work everyday to uphold and improve our commitment to the planet and the people who make up Soluna Collective. We strive to expand our knowledge of sustainable resources, manufacturing practices and environmental stewardship. As we grow, we promise to continue to listen, learn and be better.

We believe in timeless silhouettes…

We love layering, mixing, matching, turning it around, turning it inside out, upside down, and any other way. We design with flexibility in mind and want our customers to have fun with our pieces. We want them to be a staple but also a building block in your closet. They should amplify your existing wardrobe and be pieces that you can pair with your favorite items.

We are inspired by nature…

The patterns that we develop are almost always derived from something we find in our natural world. Whether it be the skeleton of a leaf on the forest floor, the intricate layers that form a passion flower, or the patterns in the sand that remain after a stormy day at the beach, we are inspired by them all. Nature is truly our source of inspiration, and we promise to do our part in helping to protect the world that we share.

Last, but certainly not least,...

We believe in sustainability. Sustainability is a hard topic to tackle in full, but here’s how we see it:

  • Materials: The materials we use are naturally occurring (mostly cellulose fibers), or recycled.
  • Dyes: We use low impact or natural dyes.
  • Quality: We use heavy weight fabrics and reinforce our seams.
  • Take Back Program: We care about what happens to our clothing at the end of its life. So we have implemented a take back program to responsibly re-use, recycle, or (if the product is really on it’s last leg) dispose of the item properly.
  • Ethical production: Because where would we be without the people who make up our collective? The artisans who hand weave and hand make our clothing are special to us. We believe that they deserve the right to fair working conditions and pay.

The meaning of Soluna Collective

The term Soluna is a blend of the two Spanish words; Sol and Luna, or Sun and Moon. For us, the term is a representation of who we are and how we live our lives. The sun is our energy and the moon is our spirit. We like to think that one of us always brings the sun and the other the moon. Together, we light our own world.

As a collective, we believe in collaborating and supporting the traditional craft of artisans, both here and abroad, whose emphasis is on environmental and ethical responsibility. We pledge to be mindful of the people who make our products and keep eco design and ethically made at the forefront of our movement.