What is Craftmark?

The Craftmark symbol serves as a level of authenticity for the artisans, by providing a level of assurance to global brands, retailers and consumers that any good bought with a Craftmark symbol, is a true hand crafted good. This increases the trustworthiness of artisans and helps eliminate the purchase of fraudulent goods by the end user.

Craftmark also provides an online platform, where all certified artisans, can find tools to help develop and grow their business. Some aspects include:

  • Product Innovation
  • Business Skill Development
  • Direct Market Access
  • Digital Training
  • Facilitating social schems
  • Finance

Craftmark also believes in fair and ethically made products. All artisans who are certified by Craftmark earn a living wage and work in a safe environment. Our Craftmark certified artisans also receive paid medial and school expenditures. 

Lastly, Craftmark engages in policy, advocacy, capacity building, and entrepreneurial development on behalf of all handicraft artisans. As of 2017 is has outreached to more than 150 craft enterprises with an outreach of more than 50,000 artisans across 23 states in India

Checkout our interview on the artisan made goods market with Rujutaa Joshi from Craftmark.

Craftmark website: http://www.craftmark.org/