Eco-Design Mission

Design is an expression of the way we interact with the world. It is the force that drives our exploration and connects us with the environment and the people around us. To us, design has intrinsic value and is a form of communication that has no boundaries. 

Eco-Design What It Means To Us

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest meant being inspired by the natural environment. As we step out our door, we are immediately engulfed in a world of motifs. We can travel an hour in either direction to find the colors of the ocean or the geometric shapes of the mountains. This unique and cultivating experience has always shaped the way we shop, design and live.

When we started Soluna Collective, eco-design was a way of protecting the world we knew. As Soluna has grown, that mission has expanded out of our backyard, to places like the Himalayan Mountains and the Ganges River in India. The voices of these places ring loud in our design process and our business is dedicated to their survival!

Himalayan Mountains

1% For The Planet Members

Being a eco and ethical conscious brand means more than just doing no harm. As a member of 1% For The Planet, we pledge that 1% of all gross profits are donated to an approved environmental non-profit. We have chosen to team up with Navadanya a women led, organic farming non-profit based in Dehradun, India. They have helped more than 500,000 Indian farmers secure access to organic/indigenous seeds and developed an online platform to help them farm organically. 


Our eco-design mission is to eliminate harmful chemicals, reduce waste, spread awareness, and be as sustainable as possible. More importantly, we take responsibility for our designs. 

We have set high expectations for our products and partnered with companies that believe in the same. We are far from perfect but as we grow, we will work hard every day to improve our sustainable practices. 

  • Our fabric is made from 100% natural fibers such as, organic cotton and/or sustainably raised wool.
  • Use only use GOTS certified low-impact and environmentally safe natural dyes.
  • Our natural dyes are 100% compostable and all wastewater can be used as irrigation for future crops.  
  • All fabrics and dyes are GOTS certified, including our natural dyes. 
  • Our Lyocell thread is made from wood pulp and is 100% biodegradable. It is also Oeko Tex 100 certified
  • Our inserts are made from 100% organic cotton and stuffed using 100% biodegradable kapok
  • We use Khadi for all fabric made in India. Khadi refers to hand spun and woven fabric. It has a zero-carbon footprint production process.
  • All packaging is made from 100% recycled materials and all labels are made from 100% biodegradable materials. 
  • Our zippers are made from 100% biodegradable tape and 100% recyclable metal teeth. They are Oeko-Tex certified. 


Eco-design starts with transparency. All suppliers are listed on our website and we provide links to addresses and all certifications. We are proud of our partners, why hide them?

Second, we list all the ingredients used in the making of our natural dyed products. On each product page, you will find a full breakdown of ingredients and we also match each material used in the product with the supplier and country of origin. We want you to feel comfortable with your purchase and this is the best way we know how. 

All low-impact dyes are 100% GOTS certified. However, we do not know the exact chemical makeup as they are protected for proprietary reasons. 

Our focus is and will always be to keep eco design and ethically made at the forefront of our movement.