They started with the purpose of restoring the heritage of hand woven goods. That quickly expanded to supplying weaving jobs to women, who were migrating to large metropolitan areas in search for a job. These women would leave their families for long periods of time or commute hours to work. The collective wanted these women to stay in their village and earn a living there! 

"We exists to give members of the community the freedom to choose what is best for themselves, and the opportunity to preserve time-honoured, generational know-how of fine craftmanship."

Eco Principles

Like many of our artisans, they only work with natural fibers that have been hand dyed using plant based ingredients! They are currently work with cotton, linen and silk, and produce around 20 different naturally dyed colors and shades.

As with all of our natural dyes their natural dyes are environmentally safe and created in a closed loop production process. All wastewater is treated on site and then used as irrigation.  

Ethically made

As mentioned, the collective started with the purpose of supplying viable jobs to women weavers. They built their entire company based on that mission! To ensure that devotion, they became a guaranteed member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO)!

"It (Guaranteed System) is an assurance mechanism that Fair Trade is implemented in the supply chain and practices of the organisation."