Aura is located about 600 miles southwest of Delhi in a city called Ahmedabad (Amdavad), India. The natural dye company was created by the lovely couple Arun and Sonal Baid.

How it started

It all started after Sonal took a natural dye painting class. After the class, she immediately took to the kitchen and started playing with different natural ingredients. When Arun came home, he fell in love with the idea and Aura was born. Years later, they have combined traditional natural dyeing techniques with modern technology to produce natural dyes for the modern world. Their goal is to "paint our world naturally".

Arun and Sonal are also devoted environmentalists. Arun, who previously worked for a wastewater treatment plant, witnessed first-hand the textile industries harmful impact on the environment. Aura’s mission is to clean the rivers of India and eventually the world.

The Process

Aura’s award winning natural dye process is created using environmentally safe natural ingredients. We even list all ingredients used in the dye on each product page. The entire production process is closed looped and all waste is either used as compost or as irrigation for future crop. The entire production process used at Aura, from the growing of the cotton to the finished product, is completely organic and chemical-free. They even forage for many of their natural ingredients.

The Artisans

Besides being GOTS certified Aura, goes above and beyond for their artisans. They are affiliated with a number of NGO's and local women empowerment groups that provide programs to help their artisans become more self-reliant. By being GOTS certified, Aura's artisans are paid a living wage plus discretionary income, work in safe conditions and have the right to collective bargain. Not child labor is practiced and wages can't be deducted as a disciplinary measure. 


Aura is GOTS certified and a recommended source on the Ethical Fashion Forum. The natural dye process holds a US Patent. All fabric from Aura is made from 100% organic cotton khadi, a hand spun and hand woven fabric.