Herbal Fab is run by two brothers, Prashant and Kunal Balar. In the image above, Kunal is in the middle, wearing a blue shirt. Both brothers started their careers in IT but left to join the family business.

How it started

Herbal Fab was born in 1960 and started as conventional synthetic dye company. However, after the brothers took over in 2007, they decided to bring their personal environmental ambitions to the business. They are now one of the top environmental dye producers in all of India.

“There will be nothing left for the generations to come if we are not sustainable in what we do. To be sustainable you must give back to nature what you take from it” -Balar Brothers

The process

Herbal fab uses both low-impact and natural dyes. We have only purchased natural dyes from them. All natural dye ingredients are created using environmentally safe natural ingredients. We even list all ingredients used in the dye on each product page. No harmful chemicals are used at any stage in the process!

The Extras

Herbal Fab is also devoted to the keeping Indian traditional alive and supporting local artisans. They have an extensive network of GOTS certified khadi weavers and they recently opened a school based on keeping traditional Indian culture and artistic skills alive.


Herbal Fab is GOTS certified and a recommend source on the Ethical Fashion Forum. All fabric from Herbal is made from 100% organic cotton khadi, a hand spun and hand woven fabric.

Products made with Herbal's fabric and dyes included: Sabarmati