Botanica Tinctoria supplies the ribbon that we use in our packaging. The ribbons are made using 100% organic cotton supplied by Herbal Fab and natural dyes from BioDye. 

Botanica Tinctoria founder Rachel, believes in: "reviving historical practices and implementing current environmental ideas...

Organic Cotton

The ribbon is made from 100% organic cotton supplied by Herbal Fab. We know Herbal Fab very well as they supply some of the fabric for our pillows! All fabric for our pillows and ribbon is GOTS certified

Botanica Natural Dyes

Natural Dyes

All ribbons are naturally dyed using BioDye, a natural dye company based in central India. As with all natural dyes used at Soluna Collective, the natural dyes from BioDye are made in a closed looped production process and are derived from environmentally safe ingredients. All solid waste is composted and all liquid waste is first, treated through a wastewater treatment system, and then returned to the water cycle where it's used as irrigation for future crops. The dyes are not GOTS certified, but from our research the process aligns with GOTS standards.

Botanica Empowering Women


Besides creating environmentally safe natural dyes, BioDye is also committed to forest preservation and empowering women. 

Forest preservation: Plants are not over-harvested and many new plants are grown on "degraded forest land to increase green cover."  

Empowering women: Women are trained to become master dyers which is, uncommon in India. They also work with a local women's forest stewardship groups to gather fallen wood as fuel for high-efficiency stoves, and help local farmers grow natural dyes while re-introducing sustainable farming techniques.


At Soluna Collective, we believe in certifications. They provide a set of guidelines to help us make informed decisions about the materials we buy. However, in a few instances, certifications don't define the entire world of eco and ethical design. They sometimes leave out small businesses doing the right thing. BioDye is one of those instances. 

We also believe in Rachel from Botanica Tinctoria and the work that she is doing to help promote better dyeing methods and eco practices. Through our chats with Rachel, we have been inspired by her mission, and are excited to partner with her!

For more information on Rachel, checkout her work at Handwork Studio.

BioDye location and contact page

Article from Two Sisters EcoTextiles talking to Ann Shankar from BioDye